The feet are the most worn out part of one’s body after a day’s work so to the most hardworking member of my body, I only got the best for it: Adidas flip flops foam. After all, the best for the best, right? Here are the reasons why I got my pair; these could be your reasons too!


Grab A Soft And Comfy Pair

The foam flip flops from Adidas are in two words: soft and comfortable – it’s like I’m walking in cushions or pillows or even the clouds when I’m in them. The worst walking experience I ever had so far was when I went on a carnival trip with the family and wrongfully decided to wear my flat sandals – it was a nightmare!

The next time I got invited again (the family’s a huge fan of rides and games), I followed my sister’s advice and bought my pair of Adidas foam flip flops and wore them and my, did I have the grandest time of my life! The flip flops have gel underneath them so the feet do not feel any flat surfaces nor does it make one feel uncomfortable. Also, the flip flops do not have that tendency to give blisters on the feet caused by intense walking so I totally recommend it!


Adidas Flip Flops Foam: Just Right And Feel Right

Adidas Flip FlopsMy sister told me that her oldest child had trouble finding flip flops that would fit him perfectly because his feet is “too big to be accommodated” by footwear. There are some flip flops that are too narrow to entertain the feet or there are those that are too big that people end up tripping on their own because it’s too loose.

Imagine young Kyle’s relief when his mom got him his own foam flip flops from Adidas, they fit and feel right! I would have to say the same thing with my own experience: I have small feet so I am one of the embarrassed few who always trips when I’m wearing flip flops! I found my (feet’s) perfect match with Adidas. Could this be your footwear solution too?


Simple Is Sexy With Adidas Flip Flops Foam

I am very particular when it comes to design so when I got hold of my Adidas flip flop pair, I was excited to flaunt them because they’re so incredibly simple! The foam collection has so many styles to choose from and there are many colors to select – it took me ages to find the perfect color and style! I did not even have to sacrifice my sense of flair because the Adidas flip flop designs are simply sexy! Honestly, I have tons of Adidas flip flops pairs already but if I have to choose which among them my favorite is, it will definitely be Adidas Ayuna – it’s a sure treat for my feet!


Adidas Delivers Excellence

Adidas Flip FlopsWhy experiment with another brand you have no experience with when you can stick with a brand that is tried and tested and is proven to deliver not just results, but excellent ones at that. Adidas has proven their name since the 1940’s and with their collection of flip flops, it is clear that they are nowhere near stopping. With my Adidas flip flops foam, it’s an assuredly excellent experience not just for me, but most especially for my reliable feet!